Brides Babes Iridescent Satin Sash (Set of 7)

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Brides Babes Iridescent Satin Sash (Set of 7)
Brides Babes Iridescent Satin Sash (Set of 7)
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Brides Babes Iridescent Satin Sash (Set of 7)
This Bride Babes Iridescent Satin Sash Set puts everyone in the mood for a bachelorette party to remember! A tiara, a sash, and a cute dress are all must-haves for you as the beautiful bride that you are. If you don't wear a sash, how will everyone be able to celebrate you. And guess what? Your bridal crew does not have to feel left out. With this set, you'll get a gorgeous sash for your maid of honor and another 5 sashes for your bridesmaids. Everyone gets to feel honored with this satin sash set. They're foldable and re-usable so if you've got a single bridesmaid in the crew, you know you should save these! So, we'd recommend making a move on this satin sash set!

Features and Facts:
  • 1 bride sash, 1 maid of honor sash, 5 bridesmaid sashes
  • 1 Bride Sash: White satin sash that says "Bride" in iridescent foil. 
  • 1 Babe of Honor Sash: Blush pink satin sash that says "Babe of Honor" in iridescent foil. 
  • 5 Brides Babes Sashes: Blush pink satin sashes that say "Brides Babes" in iridescent foil.
  • Measurements: 3.1" w x 10.2" d x 30" h
  • Packaged Measurements: 10.24" w x 3.94" d x 1.57" h
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