Blue Willow Decor Sign Kit (Set of 8)

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Blue Willow Decor Sign Kit (Set of 8)
Blue Willow Decor Sign Kit (Set of 8)
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Blue Willow Decor Sign Kit (Set of 8)
Our Blue Willow decor Sign Kit (Set of 8) is perfect for any special occasion you are throwing. Whether you are hosting a sweet baby shower or celebrating a long-overdue retirement, our signs were designed to help hosts enjoy the party as much as the guests. Don't worry about having to keep stopping to show your guest where everything is; with our signs you can just socialize without the hassle of interruptions. We took the most frequently asked questions and printed their answers with "Welcome to the Celebration", "Tasty Bites, Please Enjoy", "Drinks, Please Help Yourselves", Please Sign Our Guestbook, Thank You", "Love is Sweet, Please Take A Treat", "Favors, Please Take One", Share the Love, #________", and "Cards & Gifts, Thank You." 

The signs are packaged in a cellophane bag with a header/backer card and each sign has a kickstand on the back that can be folded for the sign to stand on its own and folded flat for easy storage. Conveniently sold as a set of 8, but feel free to use them all or only take out a couple depending on your event. 

Features and Facts:
  • The blue willow party signs have a white backgound with an arrangement of blue motifs at the bottom and goil foil border.
  • Blue, White and Gold.
  • Sold in sets of 8.
  • Sign # 1 reads: "Welcome to the Celebration". 
  • Sign # 2 reads: "Tasty Bites, Please Enjoy". 
  • Sign # 3 reads: "Drinks, Please Help Yourselves". 
  • Sign # 4 reads: "Please Sign Our Guestbook, Thank You". 
  • Sign # 5 reads: "Love is Sweet, Please Take A Treat". 
  • Sign # 6 reads: "Favors, Please Take One". 
  • Sign # 7 reads: "Share the Love, #______". 
  • Sign # 8 reads: "Cards & Gifts, Thank You.". 
  • Each cardstock sign includes a kickstand on the back.
  • Signs measure 12" w x 8.46" h x 0.08" d 
  • Packaging measures 9.25" w x 13.58" h x 0.2" 
  • Some easy customer assembly required.
  •  Instructions included.
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