Blue Folding Collage

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Blue Folding Collage
Blue Folding Collage
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Blue Folding Collage

Get creative with your photos when you use this innovative blue folding collage frame. The unique hinges allow it to stand in several different ways.

This collage frame is made of MDF. It holds 5 - 4x6 photos and 1 - 4x4 photo. The collage frame has unique hinges so it can stand in several different ways.

The frame comes with 2 hook for hanging on a wall. You can also choose to stand it on a shelf or table. Comes packaged in an open gift box.

A versatile gift idea that will show off your special photos for any occasion from a baby shower to a birthday, an anniversary, graduation and your family vacation!

  • Size 17.5" long x 12.25" tall x 0.25" thick
  • Holds 5 - 4x6 photos and 1 - 4x4 photo
  • Made of MDF with a blue finish
  • Unique hinges so it can stand in several different ways
  • Has 2 hooks for hanging on a wall
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1 - 2 $28.55
3 - 4 $22.29
5 - 7 $17.75
8+ $13.35

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