Choosing a color scheme for a wedding can be a grueling process. Brides want their gowns, flowers and decorations to coordinate perfectly with the location. Symbolism also plays an important role for a bride trying to find a color scheme, with so many meanings to take from popular colors.

Gold is emerging as a popular wedding color, especially because it makes guests think of opulence and luxury. It is also a warm, inviting color that compliments a rich blue or red.

Red symbolizes passion and can be quite a romantic wedding color, especially when paired with something equally dramatic. The meaning of red at a wedding is typically associated with desire and consummate love, depending on the culture in which it is used.

White at a wedding has always been a classic, symbolizing purity and traditionalism. It also represents innocence.

Peach is emerging as a popular wedding color, representing femininity.
Purple is typically the color most associated with royalty, signifying wealth and luxury.

Green is prominent at weddings held outside, symbolizing freshness and nature. It is also a color associated with fertility and vitality. It is a relaxing hue often paired with light, airy colors.

One of the most optimistic colors is yellow, making it a warm, cheerful hue. This lighthearted color is strong enough to carry a wedding when paired with another airy hue.

One color that brides remain on the fence about is black. This color is sophisticated and elegant when used, but it is also a color used to symbolize mourning.

Sometimes it makes sense to simply stick with a color the bride and groom both love. This can speak volumes more than any symbolism.

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