Vintage Deco Photo Props Kit

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Vintage Deco Photo Props Kit
Vintage Deco Photo Props Kit
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Vintage Deco Photo Props Kit
Make those photos even more memorable with our Kate Aspen Vintage Deco Photo Props Kit! The kit comes with 12 art deco vintage themed photo props, all with included tape and bamboo sticks for easy use. Perfect for Gatsby themed weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, and more to give your memories a little memorable pizazz! 

Features and Facts: 
  • 12 photo props to be assembled with bamboo stick and tape. 
  • Props include pink feather eye mask, black eye mask, bouquet, pipe, martini, champagne glass, champagne bottle, cheers sign, top hat, blonde hairstyle, pearl necklace, and a fan. 
  •  Pipe measures 5.11"w x 2.08"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Top hat measures 10.43"w x 9.17"h x 0.02"d 
  •  White eye mask measures 7.28"w x 6.81"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Black eye mask measures 7.79"w x 2.95"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Cheers measures 8.03"w x 8.07"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Bouquet measures 8.26"w x 10.03"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Blonde hair measures 10.82"w x 9.37"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Pearls measure 6.41"w x 7.67"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Champagne measures 3.93"w x 5.82"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Martini measures 4.13"w x 5.90"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Fan measures 9.05"w x 5.03"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Champagne bottle measures 2.91"w x 10.82"h x 0.02"d 
  •  Stick measures 0.03"w x 9.84"h x 0.03"d 
  •  Some assembly required. 
  •  Envelope packaging

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