Telescopic Back Scratcher From Fashioncraft

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Telescopic Back Scratcher From Fashioncraft
Telescopic Back Scratcher From Fashioncraft
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Telescopic Back Scratcher

This fabulous pen is actually a discreet back scratcher that only you will know about!

When an itch catches you in a hard to reach spot, don't fly into a panic. You know that clipped into your pocket and looking exactly like a pen, is a clever little telescopic back scratcher.

This innovative device is manufactured from stainless steel and will clip into your pocket or slip into a purse with your pens. When you need to sort out that itch, it telescopes outwards from its normal size of 6 1/4" to a length of 26". You will be able to reach any hard to get spot.

  • Size is 6" closed and 26" open
  • Telescopic back scratcher
  • Manufactured from stainless steel and looks exactly like a pen
  • Clip to attach inside a shirt pocket
  • Packed on a blister card
  • Telescopes from 6 1/4" to a length of 26"
  • This fun item will reach a scratch in any hard to get spot!
  • minimum 24
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