Baby parties are a happy celebration of new life. Moms begin planning for their baby’s party even before birth. During pregnancy, parents look forward to the baby shower, where their friends and relatives shower the baby with gifts. There is also a welcome party once the baby arrives. A few weeks or months after, parents may opt to have the baby baptized or dedicated. Infancy culminates one year from birth and to mark this special event, parents usually organize their baby’s first birthday party.

In a span of just one year, parents can have as many as four different events in honor of their new baby. Part of being a gracious host is making sure that your event guests receive appreciation from you. This is best expressed through serving great food, giving party favors, and of course, telling them personally, whether in person or in a letter, how much you appreciate their presence and gifts.

When it comes to baby party favors, parents might get overwhelmed with the vast selection of items they can find online or in specialty stores. Here are tips on how to find the perfect party favor for baby parties:

1. Cute trinkets. For baby showers, giving away accessories and treats is appropriate for the occasion. Accessories can be in pink or blue colors to reveal the baby’s gender. If the couple wishes to keep the gender a secret, neutral light colors like white, yellow, and green may be suitable. No matter how small the item is, remember to give items that the guest can actually use, like bag holders, bookmarks, soap, or a keychain. Trinkets are also appropriate for baby welcome parties.

Baby showers are often organized by the couple or mom’s relatives and friends. While it is not really compulsory to give away party favors, couples should make an effort to be gracious to their guests.

2. Sweet treats. Parents can never go wrong with sweet candy or pastry treats. This giveaway can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Package them in treat bags, mini baskets, or mini baby bottles. You can also include personalized tags and ribbons to make them look more appealing.

3. Special invites. Don’t settle for inviting your guests through SMS, email, or through a phone call. Send them a printed invitation to make your guests feel special. If the budget permits, party favors may already be included in the invitation. These do not have to be big items. For example, if you are having a Christian baptism event, you can include a gold cross charm inside the invitation.

4. Use event décor that double as party favors. If you have been to a wedding party recently, you may have noticed that some of the party décor can be taken home as remembrance from the party. Place card holders, charms, chocolate treats, or fruits that guests may take home after the event contribute to the overall event theme. This same concept can also be applied to all baby parties, from baby showers to a first birthday celebration. Personalized water bottles, mint tins, votive candles or candle tins, and picture frames are some examples of party favors that can also be used as event décor.



Date 9/16/2014

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