Bridal Shower Favor Ideas to Make Your Party Stand Apart 
A bridal shower is an important event for the bride to be, so if you’re organizing it for a family member or a friend, you certainly want to make it memorable. Little details count a lot in party planning. When it comes to bridal showers, favors play a key role because they not only embellish the table, but also allow you to show your appreciation to your guests. 

There are many ways to make your party special with bridal shower favors. Bridal shower favors can be decorative or functional; you can design them yourself or you can buy them from specialized shops or online. Whatever your ideas, make sure they reflect the personality of the bride to be and show the special connection between her and those attending the event. Here are some bridal shower favors you might want to consider to give your party a distinctive touch. 

Bridal Shower Cake 
There’s no party without something sweet, so making a cake for this special occasion is always a great idea that can be customized to your heart’s content. Think about what the future bride would like and find a recipe that is suitable for such a festive event. If you can’t come up with your own, you can order or buy one. There are plenty of bakeries that will be happy to offer you a selection of delicious cakes to enchant your guest’s palate. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed, and you can express your appreciation to your guests by offering them a personalized picture frame. You can include a photo of yourself near the party table welcoming people to join you on this special day. You can also add a personalized message that is targeted to each guest. It can be something that connects you, something special you share, or something that will make them smile. 

Decorative Favors 
Most women love scented candles, and since your bridal shower guests are typically women, you may include a variety of scented candle sets with different fragrances to offer together with other bridal shower favors. 

You can never go wrong with candies, so one idea to include on your bridal shower favors checklist is making a personalized candy favor that your guests can take home. You can wrap candies nicely, adding the name of each guest for an extra personal touch. You can also insert a message in the wrapping to surprise them when they open it. Express 

Another category of bridal shower favors specially designed for your lady guests are beauty products or feminine accessories. Popular options include bath salts, hand lotions, manicure sets, make-up bags, lip balm, heart-shaped hand mirrors, handbag holders—whatever objects you may think that are indispensable for a woman. 

This is a category of favors that allows you to use your creativity and personalize any object that might hold a special meaning for the bride to be or your guests with a love motif or message. With a little imagination, you can make nice, elegant bridal shower favors that will most certainly impress your guests without spending a lot of money.

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