A wedding is the most memorable event.  It holds priceless memories with ongoing exclusive events. Every person wants to make this moment a special one. From wedding attire to wedding themes, everything is planned to be perfect.   And favors have been part of the tradition for hundred years now.   

 So, as an appreciation, favors are given to friends and relatives who come to celebrate the special moments with you. Since everything has to be perfect, wedding favors also should be, as they are something you give your guests to remember your special day. It should be such that your guests enjoy them for years to come. So, select the favor that touches their heart as they open it. Here are a few wedding favor ideas from Favor Creations that your guests will love to have.   

Some Stimulating & Fabulous Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Delight Your Guests    

  • Princess Bride Carriage Favor: Having a theme wedding is every person’s dream because they want to make it a special event. As favors are part of the tradition, they should also reflect that theme.  A princess bride with a carriage figurine with your theme-based white color will surely sparkle your guest's eyes with joy once they open it. The guests can, later on, use it as a decorative item on their tables. You can personalize its packaging with theme-based statement tags that add a decorative touch
  • Tropical Mini Paint Can: Giving a household item holds a significant meaning because you can utilize them in daily chores. For a summer wedding, tropical mini paint cans make great favors.  Each features a silver metal top and a silver metal base with clear plastic sides. It has two metal flanges to hold the silver metal wire handle. From candies to sweets, you can fill these cans with any edible. Label the packing with themed labels to add a personal touch. As soon as your guests open it, a smile will appear on their faces.   
  • Plain Shooter Glass: No celebrations can start without partying and drinking. As it is your life event, so you want that your friends effusively enjoy. To make the celebrations continue after the party, giving shooter glasses can be the best favor. It is made up of imported glass that will surely have them thrilled. Seeing this cute memento, they will love to have it.   

Wrapping Up   Wedding favors are the representation of happiness, good luck, and longevity to cherished guests. So, presenting favors to your guests is just a token of your love to show them that they were part of your most memorable event. It is just an appreciation given with heart as a thanksgiving. If you are confused about gifting favors on your special event, consider these ideas. There are multiple options at Favor Creations. You will like the varied choices available there.                                                                

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