Weddings are an important moment for anyone involved, but far too many people think that the celebration stops at the end of the reception. Hosting a wedding anniversary party lets the couple know that their friends and family want to celebrate their union year after year. Whether it's a special party for a couple's golden anniversary, or a party for a one-year anniversary, hosting that party starts with a little planning.

One of the first things party planners should consider is the guest list. Some couples want to celebrate their anniversaries with everyone who came to their weddings, while others prefer smaller guest lists. The number of people attending the event can also determine the amount of space needed. A small party of 20 guests can comfortably fit in a restaurant, while a larger group needs more room to spread out.

The next step involves picking a date for the party. Many couples exchange vows on a weekend, but their anniversary can fall in the middle of the week. Planning a party on their exact anniversary can limit the number of people who attend. Guests might work during the week, have other events they attend and deal with the schedules of their children too. Moving the party to the weekend before or after the couple's anniversary can help more people fit the party in their schedules.

Choosing a venue is another important step. Planning the party too late can result in fewer venue choices, while planning the party too early can lead to lost reservations and other issues. Planners should generally begin calling venues several months before the party. The number of guests and the party budget can all affect where the event takes place. Party planners might look at dozens of venues, including restaurants, clubs, museums and art galleries, before finding one that works with their budget.

Party planners should also consider the decorations they want to use, and they must talk to the venue. Some venues will limit the number of outside decorations they can bring, and other venue owners require that planners go over their decorations with them before deciding what they can bring. Fresh flowers, simple centerpieces and balloon bouquets are all suitable decorations for a wedding anniversary party.

Depending on where the party takes place, planners might need to think about food as well. Many parties use a pot luck theme where each guest brings a dish to share with the group. Those who want to avoid the hassle and stress of cooking a large number of dishes can host the party at a restaurant or hire caterers to handle the preparation of those dishes.

At least two weeks before the party, the planner will send out invitations to guests. They can either opt for invitations they send through the mail or email invitations. Sending email invitations is helpful when people live in different cities and states because everyone will receive their invitations at the same time. During the holidays or other busier times of the years, planners will find it helpful to send the invitations even earlier. This gives guests time to check their schedules and respond.

Planning an anniversary party often takes some hard work, but seeing the expressions on the couple's faces will make that hard work worthwhile.

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