How to Choose Baby Shower Favors for a Memorable Party. When planning a baby shower one of the central elements of
Whenthe party you’re about to throw are the favors. Baby shower favors play a major role for the success of your party. They give you the opportunity to thank your guests for celebrating this important event with you. Favors give you the chance to add a personal touch to the party, making it memorable for all those attending. Just unleash your creativity and get ready to surprise your guests with special giveaways to express your appreciation for their participation. 
it comes to choosing baby shower favors, whether you buy them, make your own, or a combination of the two, the most important factors to consider are party theme, budget and guest list. Below are some tips on how to choose baby shower favors for a party to remember. 

Party Theme 
If your baby shower has a particular theme, such as a favorite color or motif, you should choose or make the favors with this theme in mind. 

Party Budget and Guest List 
Set the budget and make a guest list first so that you can adjust your options accordingly. Once you know who’s coming to the party and how much you can spend, you will find it much easier to choose the right favors. 

DIY Favors 
You can find delightful favors in stores or you can buy various pieces and materials and make the favors yourself. For instance, you can buy baby socks that can be decorated with ribbons and paint. Then you can fill them with candies. Also, you may want to make some nice sachets from scrap fabric that can be filled with tea or other aromatic ingredients. 

Home Baked Goodies 
Another way to impress your guests is to make your special recipe of baby shower cake or other home baked goodies that your guests may take away. If you’re not into cooking or don’t have the time to do it all by yourself, you can go to a local bakery to place a personalized order that might go with your theme. You could order various types of cake and have them wrapped nicely and ready to be offered to your guests. 

Highlight Your Tabletops 
How you set the table counts a lot. So, consider finding and using decorative pieces that suit your theme if you have one and don’t hesitate to customize it to reflect your personal style or to respond to your guests’ preferences. Besides coming up with an eye-catching centerpiece, you can fill some jars or containers with a candy assortment and you can place card holders into the favor package your guests will take home. 

Include a Heartfelt Thank 
You Note Favors have a symbolic significance. To make your baby shower favors even more meaningful, you should attach a sweet, warm thank you note telling your guests how much you appreciate that they were there for you to celebrate together this special occasion. With these simple tips in mind, you can organize a classy, affordable baby shower party that your guests will remember for its festive atmosphere and special favors.

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