Party favors are a great way to express gratitude to your guests for simply being a part of your event. It is common to receive a nice party favor at a wedding or a birthday bash. Why not also have favors to give out for a graduation party? It is basically a small token of appreciation. Whether you leave your guests a tasty chocolate treat in a small tin container covered with a colorful personalized wrapper or scholastic pens with the graduating year on it, the guests will be thankful.

Graduation favors can also be used for decoration. Be creative and have favors that match the school colors or the theme of the school mascot. These favors will accent the display tables (the table dedicated for picture boards, awards, and other memorabilia from previous school days). In addition, favors can be placed by plate settings at the guest tables.

You can get creative by personalizing the items. For instance, you can incorporate the name and school of the graduate. You could even add photos to favors, giving them a more sentimental feel. Friends of the graduates who are not a part of the graduating class just yet, will love to have a little something to partake in the wishing well of their friends who will be moving on to pursue other endeavors. Family members and loved ones would like having a gift that feels them with pride and inspires younger generations to achieve their dreams as well.

These party favors are not only for the guest, but also for the guest(s) of honor. Having favors give those graduating something extra to have for their own keepsake. Graduating at a collegiate level is a major accomplishment. College grads keep them as an extra reminder of good times as well as all their hard work.

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