Geometric Floral 78 Piece Party Tableware Set (16 Guests)

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Geometric Floral 78 Piece Party Tableware Set (16 Guests)
Geometric Floral 78 Piece Party Tableware Set (16 Guests)
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Geometric Floral 78 Piece Party Tableware Set (16 Guests)
Kate Aspen's Geometric Floral 78 Piece Party Tableware Set is an all-in-one bundle that is perfect for brunches, birthdays, dinner parties, baby showers, and bridal showers. The whimsical set is comprised of beautifully designed disposable paper products for easy set-up and cleanup for both children and adults. This floral bundle will charm your guests at an outdoor celebration or an intimate party. Pretty 8 oz. floral print paper cups with matching floral napkins are great to serve refreshing beverages, such as juice or signature cocktails at your next mimosa party. The napkins can also be used for petite desserts and thrown away after use. The matching floral 7" and 9" paper plates are perfect for appetizers and sturdy for dinner portions. 

Consider setting up these party essentials at a buffet station or set your guest's tables for a last-minute decoration theme that can be admired. Gold foil details and the geometric floral print is a staple of Kate Aspen's party products. This elegant bundle is flattering for a garden party for your guests of all ages. Your friends and family members can even take leftovers home on the paper plates to enjoy and dispose of after the party ends. This elegant paper bundle keeps your fragile glassware safe at your celebration and makes clean up a breeze! 

Features and Facts:
  • 16 Geometric Floral 8 oz. Paper Cups, measuring 3" w x 3" d x 3.7" h and holds approximately 8 ounces. The cup is covered in a watercolor floral scatter pattern. Below the rim is trimmed with a mint green stripe and metallic gold.
  • 16 Geometric Floral 7 in. Paper Plates, measuring 6.8" w x 6.8" d x 0.5" h. Cardstock paper plate. The Center of the plate is white and outlined with a thick border of mint green that is trimmed in gold foil. A watercolor floral surrounds the mint circle. The plate is trimmed in gold foil. 
  • 16 (2 sets of 8) Geometric Floral 9 in. Paper Plates, measuring 9.1" w x 9.1" d x 0.6" h. The center of the plate is white with a watercolor floral print of pink, yellow, and blue flowers. The print is surrounded by a gold foil geometric pattern. The plate has a Mint green border that is trimmed in gold foil.
  • 30 Geometric Floral Napkins, measuring 6.5" w x 6.5" d x 0.01" h. White square napkin with watercolor floral elements in the corners and gold foil embellishment.
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