Geometric Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (Set of 16)

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Geometric Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (Set of 16)
Geometric Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (Set of 16)
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Geometric Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (Set of 16)
Our Geometric Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (sold in a set of 16) are made of the highest quality materials, which make them perfect for every delicious morsel of food served on them. Designed with elegance and class, these plates have touches of gold foiling around every color with delicate watercolor floral bouquets around the rim. These plates are durable decorative paper plates that can be used for heavy hors d'oeuvres or sweet desserts. They match our geometric floral paper napkins perfectly and make a great compliment to our three tier cupcake stand. These paper plates are elegant enough for use at your wedding and durable enough for a baby shower.

Features and Facts:
  • Sold in sets of 16 paper plates.Measures 7" in diameter
  • Cardstock paper plate. Center of the plate is white and outlined with a thick border of mint green that is trimmed in gold foil. 
  • A watercolor floral surrounds the mint circle. 
  • The plate is trimmed in gold foil.Mint, Pink, White, and Gold
  • Measures: 6.8" w x 6.8" d x 0.5" h
  • Packaged: 6.81" w x 6.81" d x 0.79" h
  • Shrink wrap with sticker packaging.
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