Choosing party favors is one of the most exciting parts of planning for your child’s birthday party. The act of choosing, buying, and wrapping birthday party favors will bring most parents to reminisce about their youth. These goodies and trinkets bring back treasured memories of the fun parties that they themselves have attended as young children. Parents will also inevitably feel young again as they place themselves in the shoes of their young guests when choosing toys, candies, and gifts to give as souvenirs.

The way that party keepsakes can spark up nostalgia only means two things: one, no childhood is complete without ever attending or having birthday celebrations and two, children attach positive feelings to these parties and the gifts they receive from the hosts, no matter how small they are. These giveaways help create positive memories about the party and young guest’s first precious years of life.

Consider these kiddie event souvenirs as more than just an expression of gratitude because as parents and hosts, you are also taking part in building a memorable childhood for your child and his or her friends. Hence, party favors for children’s parties deserve your attention and careful planning.

Choosing the Perfect Party Favor for your Young Guests

1. Consider your guest’s age group and gender. How old are your guests? Do all your guests fall under the same age group? Choose age-appropriate gifts. It is also a good idea to separate souvenirs for boys and girls. If you are unsure what items will interest them, ask your own child. Your child will know which things his or her friends will enjoy. As soon as your child can walk and talk with you, you can make this a fun activity for both of you by browsing through the party favors together! You can also ask store specialists for recommendations.

2. Follow the party theme. Do you have a theme for your party? Set a theme for your party and choose giveaways based on your theme. For example, if you are having a cartoon-themed party, you can choose items that feature the cartoon characters you have chosen.

3. Be creative. Party souvenirs don’t always have be the usual toys and sweets. You can also give away things that they will find fun and useful like bookmarks, crayons, accessories, coin banks and more. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is personalize these items and add a short note thanking them for attending your child’s event. Personalized favors will make your guests remember the party for longer.

4. Don’t forget the goodie bags. When it comes to gifts and souvenirs, packaging can be everything. It adds an element of excitement and personality to your gifts. What will you use to pack or wrap your tokens? A research discussed in Scilogs blog suggests that gift wrappers can actually influence how recipients will feel about the item. The more attractive the wrapper, the more positive their feelings will be about the gift. Make your guests feel extra special with creatively packaged goodies. You can purchase pre-made boxes, tins, or bags. Attach personalized tags to complete the packaging.


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