Now more than ever, soon-to-be wed couples dedicate a considerable amount of time and money to turn their dream weddings to reality. Weddings have become more than just a simple ceremony. This celebration of union has become more of a party and a highly entertaining event as couples include games, performances, and artistic details that make their special day one to remember.

As weddings get more creative and unique, it also becomes easier for couples to go overboard with spending. Weddings can be a money drain. The bridal dress alone can cost thousands of dollars if the bride opts to go for designer gowns. The venue, setup, and photo coverage can also cost the couple a hefty amount of money. While weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, couples have to remember that there are a lot of long-term matters to take care of after the wedding such as houses, cars, insurance, and even savings.

The key to not overspending is thorough planning. Future brides and grooms can spend their hard-earned money wisely while still having their dream wedding. This article gives tips on how to save on wedding favors.

Frugal Wedding Favor Ideas
Wedding favors are an important element of any wedding as this is a way for couples to thank their guests for coming to the event. Just imagine how much the guests have spent to attend the event. Most of them have to buy a dress, your gift, and even a plane ticket just to be there for the couple’s special day. This is why your wedding favor, as an expression of gratitude, should be given ample thought and planning. Here are ways on how you can give the best tokens without overspending:

1. Start looking for wedding favors online. Do your canvassing and window-shopping online. It’s easier and saves couples a lot of time. If you have no idea how much event souvenirs cost, you can browse through online shops that offer a wide array of party keepsakes.

2. Allocate a portion of your budget and stick to it. Once you get an idea of how much event tokens cost, you can confidently set aside a budget for it. Remember that these party favors are just one part of your wedding, so be practical and reasonable when setting the amount of money you are willing to spend for it.

3. Be on the lookout for sales and discounts. Just like any shop, stores that offer invitations, party favors, and personalized offers also offer sales and discounts. They also have clearance sales. You can save money by buying your souvenirs on sale.

4. Limit the number of wedding favors you are giving away. You have the option to allocate one token per couple or per family who attends your event. You don’t have to give each attendee a gift. Some items can be suitable for couples and families such as picture frames and coffee sets.

5. Buy in bulk. Many shops offer discounts when you buy items in bulk. Choose items that can be appreciated by both men and women like barware, murano favors, candies or mints

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