Exquisite Gold Cake Server From Fashioncraft

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Exquisite Gold Cake Server From Fashioncraft

Serve up your designer cakes with a stylish and elegant gold cake server. It also makes a great gift to offer at ladies luncheons, book club meetings, upmarket baking themed expos and cake baking workshops.

A simple and elegant design puts this sophisticated cake server into a league of its own.

The cake server has a stainless steel gold serrated curved blade. It features a solid poly resin handle plated in a metallic gold finish.

This exquisite gift comes packaged in a clear acetate box with a purple stage under the server. There is a matching lilac 'For You' band around the box and a soft lilac geometric design on the bottom of the box.

  • Size of server 10" x 2"
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Stainless steel gold serrated curved blade
  • Solid poly resin handle with a metallic gold finish
  • Makes a wonderful favor for ladies luncheons and cake baking workshops
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1 - 6 $5.45
7 - 13 $3.99
14 - 47 $3.69
48+ $3.35

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