The Silver Fleur De Lis Cake Topper from Favor Creations is more than just a simple cake topper. While some couples might place the decoration on the top of their wedding cake, others know that they create fun and inexpensive centerpieces and other arrangements with that topper. Mixing the topper with fresh flowers and a few other affordable decorations can create the perfect table arrangement.

Start with a hatbox or an ordinary cardboard box with rounded edges. Place the box upside down on a table or flat surface lined with newspaper. The newspaper will keep the paint and other decorations from damaging the table. Pour a small amount of white paint in a paper cup or a paint try. Dip a paintbrush in the paint, and slowly apply a thin layer of the paint to the box. Depending on the color of the box, it might take several coats before the paint completely covers the original color or design.

After the paint completely dries and no longer feels sticky to the touch, cover the top of the box with a thick layer of Mod Podge or an adhesive that dries clear. While the adhesive is wet, sprinkle handfuls of silver glitter or a combination of white and silver pearls over the top. Press the pearls or glitter down to ensure it sticks to the box. After letting the surface dry, repeat this step with the sides of the box. Cover the entire box with another layer of Mod Podge to keep the pearls or glitter from flaking off during the ceremony.

Adding those elements to the box will make the cake topper stand out. Apply a thick layer of adhesive to the bottom of the fleur de lis cake topper, and gently press it onto the top of the box. After the adhesive dries, decorate the area around the cake topper with a few artificial or fresh flower. This arrangement also works well with many of the other cake toppers, including the Classic Calla Lily Cake Topper, Two Hearts Beat As One Cake Topper and Silver Castle Cake Topper.

Some couples might find that this centerpiece doesn't have the bold look that they want, and those couples can use other products from Favor Creations to make their arrangements. Add the Calla Lily Cake and Knife Set to the edges of a centerpiece that uses the matching cake topper, and add a few real flowers to the design. The mixture of real flowers and floral designs will make guests stop and take notice.

Another fun design incorporates the fleur de lis designed pieces. Use the picture frame as the center of the arrangement, and place a loving picture of the couple inside. Place the matching wine goblets to one side and the matching cake knife set to the opposite side. Attach the cake topper to a taller object like a cake made from cardboard, and set the topper behind the picture frame. Surround the other pieces around the edges of the display, creating a unique centerpiece or a fun addition to the cake table.

Centerpieces and other arrangements are a common sight at any wedding, but some brides find themselves spending hundreds of dollars on each arrangement. These tips and ideas will help those brides create elaborate arrangements for far less.

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