Baptism and Communion Favors for Memorable Occasions in Your Child’s Life
Baptism and communion are two essential events in the religious life of a child, so if you’re organizing the christening party or the communion gathering, whether you are a parent, friend, or relative, you want it to it to be something special. If this is not your first-born and you’ve been through the process before, you know that favors play a key role in making such events unforgettable. For those who are organizing their first baptism or communion, here are some ideas that will make it easier for you, increasing your chances of making your party a success. 

The Meaning of Baptism and First Communion 
Baptism is the first sacrament in an infant’s life and it deserves to be celebrated accordingly. The family and friends of the child get together for this momentous event. On the other hand, the first communion is an important event for the Catholic Church when the child receives the holy sacrament for the first time. The ceremony is usually followed by a gathering where family members and friends celebrate together this unique moment in the life of a child. For a special baptism party or a first communion celebration you can use themed decorations and favors. 

Food and Table 
The food and the baptism cake are key elements for your party, so take the time to plan every detail early on, by considering the number of guests, the time, location, and budget. One popular option these days is serving your guests finger foods, as it’s more convenient and encourages socializing. If there are children around, make sure you find ways to keep them entertained. As with all parties or reunions, the table occupies a central place, so you can focus your attention on decorating it with baptism or first communion themed favors to mark the moment and impress your guests. Besides the centerpiece that will give your table a festive appearance, you can also use themed candles and place card holders. Two popular motifs for an infant’s baptism and a child’s first communion are cross and angel favors and decorations. 

Baptism and First Communion Favors 
You can show your appreciation to your guests for celebrating together with you by offering them small gifts or communion favors such as key chains, rosaries, bookmarks, photo frames, candle holders, all personalized with design cross, angel or cherub motifs. Another category of baptism and communion favors are the edible ones. You can make cake arrangements with a specific theme and/or make a small gift for each guest. It can be a box of candies or chocolates, decorated with a baptism and communion design or wrapped in a suggestive manner. There are numerous wrappers and stickers to personalize and wrap your candies in. Hersheys kisses labels, hershey bars wrappers and candy bags and boxes Baptism and communion favors allow you to create a festive atmosphere to celebrate these unique events in your child’s life, while showing your gratitude toward your guests for being there with you and your family.

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