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Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Posted by Diana Listiyani on 9/28/2016 to Baby
For beautiful baby shower ideas and decorations, check this article for helpful information on how to select a theme, a color scheme, or a beautiful favor for your next baby shower 

Parents’ Quick Guide to Baby Party Favors

Posted by Administrator on 9/11/2014 to Baby
Baby parties are a happy celebration of new life. Moms begin planning for their baby’s party even before birth.

4 Baby Gifts You Should Buy

Posted by Annie on 4/19/2014 to Baby
Is a close friend or family member having a baby soon? If so, consider purchasing a nice gift for the baby. Babies need a lot of new things, so their parents could use your help. The gift you buy does not have to be anything fancy or expensive; it just has to show that you care. Here are six baby gifts you should consider buying.

How to Choose Baby Shower Favors for a Memorable Party

Posted by Annie on 2/22/2014 to Baby
When planning a baby shower one of the central elements of the party you’re about to throw are the favors. Baby shower favors play a major role for the success of your party. They give you the opportunity to thank your guests for celebrating this important event with you. Favors give you the chance to add a personal touch to the party, making it memorable for all those attending. Just unleash your creativity and get ready to surprise your guests with special giveaways to express your appreciation for their participation.

Personalized Glassware Could Be a Hit at Your Next Event

Posted by Carlos on 8/5/2013 to Birthday
There is something to be said about going to event and taking home a keepsake that will not only remind you about the event but will be used many times over the years to come. Personalized glassware is always a hit at any event. Whether you are using these glasses to toast the bride and groom, or you are toasting your employees for a job well done this year, your recipients will say hears to you when you send them home with a glass.
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