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How to Plan a Wedding Anniversary Party

Posted by Jessy on 12/7/2013 to Anniversary
Weddings are an important moment for anyone involved, but far too many people think that the celebration stops at the end of the reception. Hosting a wedding anniversary party lets the couple know that their friends and family want to celebrate their union year after year. Whether it's a special party for a couple's golden anniversary, or a party for a one-year anniversary, hosting that party starts with a little planning.

Personalized Glassware Could Be a Hit at Your Next Event

Posted by Carlos on 8/5/2013 to Birthday
There is something to be said about going to event and taking home a keepsake that will not only remind you about the event but will be used many times over the years to come. Personalized glassware is always a hit at any event. Whether you are using these glasses to toast the bride and groom, or you are toasting your employees for a job well done this year, your recipients will say hears to you when you send them home with a glass.
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