Animal Print Pillbox

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Animal Print Pillbox
Animal Print Pillbox
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These bright fun fur prints put the fun back in pillboxes
minimum 12
These bright fun fur prints put the fun back in pillboxes
So, what happens when you take an item that’s meant to be practical and convenient, like a pillbox, and you add a twist like a bright fun fur animal print design? Well, here’s the answer. And, this handy little item, from Gifts by Fashioncraft, is bound to be wildly popular for people on the go!
Description and details:

  • Each pillbox measures 2 1/4” x 1 1/2”
  • Made of Metal with an epoxy covered lid
  • Hinged for easy open and close
  • Opens to reveal a two-compartment white plastic insert for pill separation
  • Push button clasp for secure closing
  • Three assorted colorful fun fur designs
  • Vibrant color combinations offer a favorite for everyone
  • Must be purchased in 12 piece displays
Quantity Price
12 - 35 $2.69
36 - 71 $2.19
72 - 143 $1.89
144+ $1.55

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